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Will Emma Raducanu conquer her fitness issues to have a successful tennis career?

Emma Raducanu was looking forward to entering ther first tournament of the grass season at Nottingham, England. It is her homeland and she wanted to put forth a good start with her opponent Viktorija Golubic. Things didn't go as planned and 30 minutes into the first set, the Brit had to retire.
"Actually a freak injury…It's really bad luck…I think I pulled something. I'm not really sure what exactly happened…" she said showing a saddened face. Raducanu had displayed a sensational performance on winning the 2021 U.S.
Open title, but unfortunately after that, tournaments were never the same for the 19-year-old British hopeful. At the start of the season Emma suffered from blisters on her hands at the Australian Open's second round. There were matches in Guadalajara this past February and then the Italian Open in May that Emma had to retire from the events.
It was a hip injury in Mexico and a back injury in Rome. The concern is real for the smiling Brit who seems that she's not able to play successive tournaments without being stopped by a retirement or withdrawal. Last year Raducanu made her WTA debut at Nottingham with getting to the fourth round.
She had to retire against Alja Tomljanovich with breathing problems. The past is done, but returning to Nottingham and starting the grass season hasn't been a very good trek. Fans and the tennis community are wondering if there will be tournaments they'll see Raducanu play in completion? The British teen herself is wondering what could be the issue and says that "It is just a shame.
I am obviously disappointed and it is really bad luck…I just need to trust that it will come…" It won't be long before Wimbledon, the third slam of the year will be here. It's not sure yet if Raducanu will enter Birmingham, a warm up event leading to the Slam.
The lingering physical issues have to be taken care of with no surprises in store for the tennis community. It's obvious that Emma Raducanu's fitness needs more attention so that she's able to stay on the competitive court to show her dynamic strategies that helped her win the U.S.
Open slam. Will she ever regain her strength and stamina again? The Brit seems to be just as astonished as the tennis community why the injuries are happening that takes her down and out of tournaments. Will this start to affect her sponsorships? "..Right now all I can focus on is what I am doing and I think I am doing a lot of good work…"
the smiling teen had said. It appears that it's much of what she isn't doing that continuously causes problems. Hopefully with more fitness training, things for Ms. Raducanu will continue to improve and bring success to her future tournaments.
The believability of Raducanu in playing steadily has compromised the will of the general public coming under scrutiny and doubts. But all that's needed now is for Emma Raducanu to maintain fitness, show good gamesmanship and do well in tournaments again.


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