'Wasn't an extreme diet!' Letitia Dean's 'go-to' meal to shed 2st in four months – Express

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EastEnders actress Letitia Dean revealed what she eats on her new diet plan that helped her to lose over two stone, going from 10st 4lbs to 8st 3lbs. So how did she achieve it?
Fans were left in awe after the star, who plays Sharon Mitchell, appeared back on the Square earlier this year looking noticeably slimmer.
And it turns out she has dropped a whopping four dress sizes in only four months.
Letitia has been on our screens for years, since joining the show back in 1985 and her transformation had many wondering what she changed about her lifestyle.
Alongside exercise, she began to eat healthier by reducing her calorie intake to 1,300 in order to lose weight.
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A calorie deficit is the energy your body requires to maintain your current weight, minus your dietary calorie intake.
According to WebMD, if a person wants to begin a calorie deficit, a good rule of thumb for healthy weight loss is a deficit of around 500 calories per day.
This if done correctly, could promote the loss of about one pound per week.
Letitia revealed she only focussed on “healthy food” to shed her unwanted pounds.
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She explained: “Pitta bread with a grilled skinless chicken breast, for instance, and lots of greens.”
Letitia also noticed the food she was eating affected her energy.
“It was incredible,” she beamed. “I found I had so much more energy than when I used to eat junk food.”
In the past, the actress admitted she had tried every fad diet on the market.
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In 2007, she took part in Strictly Come Dancing, proving she really did try everything in a bid to slim down.
“The main reason I signed up was because [I] wanted to do something about my figure,” she explained on EastEnders’ spin-off show Secrets from the Square.
“I was so sick of extreme dieting and my weight yo-yoing.”Celebrity weight loss transformations Following her return, fans took to social media to share their opinions on her new look, stating her weight loss “took years” off of her.
It comes after Letitia revealed that she been mocked for her weight, with people telling her she was “too fat”.
And despite fluctuating throughout her life, now she seems to have hit the nail on the head after overhauling her lifestyle.
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