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Bodybuilder Obi Vincent’s trainer, Tom Lowe, a British Army vet, takes on the Marine PFT.

British fitness figures love taking on American challenges. Hot off the heels of Eddie Hall trying the U.S. Navy SEALs Physical Fitness Test, U.K.-based bodybuilder Obi Vincent decided to take on a U.S. military test. This isn’t his first go-round—Vincent previously took on the U.S. Marine Corps Fitness Test, known as the Marine PFT, back in November 2019.
“Everything went wrong,” he says about his attempt.
This time, however, Vincent is content to let someone else do the hard work. His personal trainer and coach Tom Lowe—a British Army vet, as it happens—chose to do the Marine PFT.
“I was in the British Army for six-and-a-half years, and one of my trade roles was a physical fitness instructor,” Lowe says. “So if I don’t do well today, I am going to get rinsed by my former colleagues. I’m feeling the pressure.”
First up is pullups (candidates performing the test for real can swap the pullups for pushups, too). For his age group (26 to 30), the max amount Lowe can get is 23. He start pumping out reps, and hits the 23 reps to pass with flying colors.
Next up is crunches for two minutes.
“You can see how excited he is for these,” says Vincent.
The max score is 115, but Lowe aims for 100 reps. Unfortunately, he has to stop midway at 50 reps as Vincent made a mistake on the form—but his second attempt finished at 82 reps, just over the passing minimum of 70 reps.
“That was good. I reckon you could’ve done a lot more the first time,” says Vincent, who grimaces at his failure to administer the proper test format.
Finally, Lowe gears up for his three mile run. The maximum time for his age group is 18 minutes (he would need to run faster than 28 minutes to pass at the minimum level), which he wants to beat. He passes with flying colors, clocking in at 17:59.
“I wanted that so bad!” says Lowe. “The run reminded me of why I left.”
“You’re actually in shape and can go back!” says Vincent.
“My former colleagues, I’ve done you proud,” says Lowe. I still got ripped to shreds.”


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