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Eunice Mesick
Updated as of Saturday, September 3, 2022 6:35 PM
Are you afraid of changing your eating habits because of what other people might think?
Hi, this is Eunice from Diet Center.
Some people find themselves holding back from changing their eating behaviors because they feel embarrassed eating “diet” food. Do you find yourself trying to hide a Diet Center Meal Replacement? Do you feel silly offering houseguests reduced calorie foods?
It’s natural for people to feel embarrassed at first. Many people are embarrassed when they first learn how to ride a bike, drive a car or learn how to dance. You can try to find places to eat where you’ll feel more comfortable.
Maybe there’s a more private table to sit at in your work lunchroom. Or find a nearby park with a picnic table that you can relax at on nice days. The more you practice good behaviors, the more natural it will feel.
Stop worrying about what other people will think about you eating “diet” food. Wouldn’t you feel more embarrassed if people saw you eating high calorie foods that would promote weight gain? You should feel good about yourself and your efforts to improve your eating habits.
You should eventually get past any embarrassment, so you can move forward with your weight loss progress. If you do face a moment of embarrassment, think about a person that you really admire based on their exercise routine or eating habits and ask yourself, would she/he be embarrassed eating this?
Let’s talk about “diet” food that you might not feel embarrassed to eat around other people.
Did you know that beef can be part of a nutritious, balanced Diet Center meal plan? In fact, there are 19 cuts of beef that meet government standards to be classified as lean. Did you know that many cuts are 20% leaner than they were over a decade ago?
Many of these lean cuts even have only one gram more or less of saturated fat than an equivalent serving of skinless chicken breast. Research also shows that many Americans are selecting primarily lean cuts.
The cuts allowed on your Diet Center program are flank, round, tenderloin and ground sirloin. These are among the leanest cuts of beef.
In addition to being lean, beef offers a wealth of nutrients. Beef provides over 10% of the daily value for nine essential nutrients. It also is a source of B vitamins, iron, protein and zinc.
The fatty acid content in beef is the monounsaturated type (good fat, heart healthy). And one-third of the saturated fat content is stearic acid, which is a fatty acid that does not increase cholesterol levels and has been found to help lower cholesterol levels. So, beef up your meals with lean cuts of meat packed with nutrition!
Thank you for reading Diet Center’s tip of the week. If you find yourself uncertain of what and how much to eat to lose weight, call Diet Center at 928-753-5066.
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