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Chilly winters bring about the unavoidable desire to stay tucked inside our blankets a little longer than usual. When it comes to keeping ourselves warm, some prefer sipping a hot coffee, while others think of the woollen garments their grandmothers had passionately woven for them. Dr Tejal Kanwar, Founder & Director, Kleinetics, says, “While different people have different preferences for keeping themselves warm, it is high time we ask ourselves some serious questions. When did we last think about going for a run, a regular exercise schedule, or playing some fun outdoor games to keep ourselves warm?”
Now, we know that exercising is important, but for most adults, adopting an exercise schedule is challenging. One can only imagine the task it would be to convince children that exercising should be an integral part of their daily routine. Dr Kanwar says, “This winter, let us plan to get our kids out of their blankets and get them fit and healthy. Let us pledge that festivities and vacations will not make our families, especially the younger ones, lethargic this year.” He shares some tips to help parents turn their kids fitness-friendly.

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Do you think your child is too lazy to go out or do you not want to take them out in this weather? Either way, start from home. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, we were forced to stay indoors and exercise routines came to a halt. Many turned to yoga, aerobics, meditation at home via online training. You can too, and also engage your kids in your workout, partnering with them for various fitness activities indoors.
Kids do not understand the importance of health or sticking to a fitness routine; all they know is how to have fun and enjoy. So rather than making workouts a task for them, try to indulge in some fun activities and play. For example, you can try out a dancing routine with your kids – you do not have to train them or ask them to follow any steps, just let them hop around and go wild.

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Children usually become what they see. So, be their role model and teach them good things, developing healthy habits that will entice kids to do the same.
Kids love it when the whole family is around them and they can spend time with everyone doing something fun. So, find a good game or prepare a dance routine for everyone to follow. Your kid will certainly feel more involved and excited to work out every day.
Kids love teaching others new things, so when you ask them to take the lead, they will do so happily. This way, you’ll not only have a good workout session with your kid but also inculcate leadership qualities in them.
Sign your kid up for activity classes and let them explore new things with new people. For example, you could enrol your kid for swimming, tennis, football, boxing, taekwondo, etc.

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Kids usually enjoy it when they are competing, harbouring the urge to be the best and win. Make the most of this and take your kid on a jog and ask them to race with you. You can also offer additional rewards, like if you win, they will have to agree to whatever you say, but if they win, they can have extra time doing what they love best.
Finally, Dr Kanwar says that parents know their kids best, so he advises parents to do what it takes to encourage children to get some physical activity to keep them healthy.
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