Ex-World Kickboxing Champion Opens Precision Health Gyms – the UK's First Physiology and Fitness 'Super Gym' in London – Yahoo Finance

LONDON, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A former world kickboxing champion has opened the UK's first physiology and fitness 'super' gym which allows 'everyday people' to train like elite athletes.
Christian Thomson, 33, and Virgis Silinskas, 37, launched Precision Health Gyms today (Monday, August 15) in Whitechapel where members take blood tests and run on a pressure-plated treadmills fitted with cameras which take up 240 images per second. State-of-the-art tech, while wearing a mask, also works out how many calories the individual needs to consume each day to achieve their desired results.
The new gym is the first in the UK to use high-tech full body laboratory-grade testing – including biomechanics, physiological, metabolic and biochemical scanning – which aims to help 'build a precise physiological picture' of the individual.
Precision Health Gyms use these cutting-edge methods to formulate a highly personalised plan that delivers a detailed 'roadmap for nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and supplementation'.
Thomson, who won the world kickboxing championship in 2011 and 'Head Scientist' at Precision Health Gyms, said: "Our mission is to remove the guesswork and frustration people experience when trying to improve their health and fitness but fail through a lack of identifying the body's needs. We want to shake up the health and fitness world and bring something new which has never been done before in the UK. Before now, the advanced technologies used to assess a person's unique physicality and health metrics were reserved for elite athletes due to limited accessibility or high operational costs. Most people assume this is the case, but they'd be wrong. Precision Health Gyms has sourced the best in advanced assessment technologies and made these accessible to everyone so people can uncover what's holding them back. Through these testing methods, we can clearly define how their body responds and what the best strategy is to improve their health and fitness."
Plans start from £212 per month and include 1-2-1 personal training as well as small in-person or online classes. Precision Health Gyms reassess members' bodies and health using innovative technology to identify any changes that may require the plan to be adjusted every 90 days.
For more information visit: https://phgym.co.uk or contact the Precision Health Gyms Press Office at SCS Marketing & PR on 01252 642020, in**@sc***************.uk

" class="link">in**@sc***************.uk or www.scsmarketingandpr.co.uk
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