Easy Yoga Poses To Lose Waist Fat 2023

Easy yoga poses to lose waist fat

These yogasanas will help you to dissolve the obesity that is causing your stomach to increase in size along with your back pain.

A person can lead a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga. You can live a healthy life by doing small yoga practices along with walking in the morning.

Doing yoga every day not only gives strength to the body but also gives a good spirit to the mind. It helps to manage mental stress properly. Not only this, yoga practice also has the benefit of melting body weight. Waist fat can be easily reduced. So what are such yoga practices, let’s know….


A vessel means a ship or boat. This is the same type of yoga. It means practicing yoga keeping the body like a boat. By doing this yogasana you will easily control your waist fat.
Not only the waist fat, but also the fat content of your neck and thighs will be controlled. The food eaten is well digested and blood circulation in the body is easy.

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Another easy yoga pose that can be done to melt your waist fat and lose your body weight is Kumbhakasana.
It not only controls your body weight but also reduces back pain. Along with strengthening the muscles of the body, your body’s flexibility will improve and blood circulation will be better in the body.


This is a yoga asana that can be done in camel pose, if you are doing it for the first time, follow the advice of a yoga expert.
People who have back pain and hip pain can do it. This is a yogasana that will easily melt your waist fat that has been stored for a long time.

It is also known as Billu Yogasana. It easily melts waist fat very fast. Strengthens the abdominal muscles and strengthens the spinal cord. You can also get rid of your mental stress and anxiety with this yoga practice.


It is also known as snake or sarpasana. This is likely to melt the excess fat in the abdomen.
This yoga practice can be done very easily. This not only strengthens your back muscles but also improves blood circulation in your body and gives you more flexibility.

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