Diet plan slimmer used to reverse diabetes – it 'massively helped' him drop 4st – Express

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There are some people who can go through life eating what they want without consequences, but for many there are health risks that need to be taken into account. And Karl Johnson found out that his unhealthy eating habits over the years had had a detrimental impact on his health.
But he managed to turn it all around by completely overhauling his lifestyle and dropping a whopping four stone.
He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2012 and it became an immediate turning point for him.
“My diet was very unhealthy and I didn’t care what food I was putting into my body,” he admitted.
“It was after my diabetes diagnosis I realised my diet had to change before things with my health got even worse.”
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Having realised his diet was causing major issues, Karl was shocked when his blood tests results came back.
He said: “After completing blood tests at the doctors, I found out my Hb1ac was exceptionally high.
“I knew immediately I needed to change my eating habits but just didn’t know where to start.”
Surrounded by hundreds of diet and with loss plans, Karl stumbled across the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and he hasn’t looked back since.
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Unlike other diets, The 1:1 Diet is unique in providing one-to-one consultant-led support.
Karl typically saw his consultant once a week for a weigh in and to catch up with his progress and needs.
This type of support ensured he kept on track to reach his weight loss goals, and he couldn’t be happier with the results.
‘I couldn’t have done this without my consultant, Beverly-Jo Crawford,” he beamed.
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“She has changed my whole lifestyle and relationship with food and has educated me on what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle.
“She was a huge inspiration for me as she understood my struggle, as she had also been on the same weight loss journey, managing to maintain a 3.5 stone weight loss for over 20 years.”
According to The 1:1 Diet’s recently commissioned Diet Index report, 22 percent of people with weight-related health issues suffer from type 2 diabetes.

 Slimming club guidesBut through his weigh loss success, Karl managed to reverse his diagnosis altogether.
“Since losing four stone on The 1:1 Diet, I received the great news that my Hb1ac is down to 40, meaning it is now within my normal range,” he explained.
“I have since been taken off all medication as a result and my BMI has also been cut by just under a third in six months – I couldn’t be happier!”
He added a word of advice for people so they can avoid ending up in the same position he was.
“I would urge everyone to try and make a change in their diet to become healthier and make better food choices,” he said.
“I hope my weight loss journey inspires people who are also suffering from diabetes to lose weight and become healthier as it is possible, especially with The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.”
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