Cher, 75, Just Dropped Her Exact Workout Routine On Twitter—And It's Major – Women's Health

“You made me exhausted just reading this.”
You already know that Cher’s an icon—and now, she’s bestowing her wisdom on her Twitter followers. The singer and actress, 75, just dropped her full workout routine. Turns out, she’s into full-body fitness, and she loves switching things up in the gym.
"Just came up from, Abs, Zumba, Yoga, Wall Sits," Cher Tweeted. "Tomm. My Step Class, Yoga, Different Abs. 🙄. WHOA."
Fans had a lot to say in response, natch. "🐥 Cher ‼️ I’m so excited you were working out !! Me too !! 🐥 💃," one user wrote. "Wait, but whose 🎶 do YOU listen to? 😂" (TBH? Fair question. Spill the workout playlist next, Cher?).
"You made me exhausted just reading this and i didn’t even do the workout! 😂," someone else added:
This isn’t the first time Cher has gotten real about her commitment to fitness. At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, the singer casually revealed that "I can do a five-minute plank, okay? Just saying," per Women’s Health.
And, she leaked her secret to a perfectly toned booty on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s basically a fire hydrant, the singer explained: "So you get down on all fours and you put your leg up and you make an L with your leg and you do it up like that,” Cher said. “Three sets of 25.” She’s also a fan of "old-fashioned" moves, like squats.
As for her diet, Cher sticks to eating foods she knows her body likes. “I don’t like meat and so most of things that I like are healthy for you, apart from desserts," she told Hello! back in 2013.
She also shared her thoughts on dairy in her 1991 book, Cher Forever Fit. “I try to avoid foods with a high-fat content because they make me sluggish and keep my weight up,” she wrote. “I weaned myself from whole milk to nonfat milk—if I’m having milk at all. I think cheese is one of the worst things for the body. It doesn’t digest well, and most cheeses are too high in fat.” (Noted.)
Cher’s go-tos include pasta and plenty of fruit. "Pastas give me a lot of energy, and so do fruits like bananas, papaya, and nectarines, because they have a lot of sugar but it isn’t refined,” she added.

And, she saves cocktails for special occasions: “I’ll only drink three or four times a year, too," she explained to Closer in 2013, per Good Housekeeping.
Either way, it is definitely working for her!

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