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, will have access to the best produce and most qualified nutritionists in the world, but that doesn’t mean non-royals can’t look and feel like her too. Personal Trainer Kunal Makwana spoke exclusively to about how Camilla could stay fit, healthy and through and .
Kunal started by emphasising that Camilla probably has an extremely healthy diet.
“Camilla probably has an organic and nutritious diet of eggs, lots of vegetables, salads, organic meat, lean chicken and lean fish.”
Prince Charles and Camilla are both avid gardeners, with the Duchess telling You magazine they can be quite “competitive” when it comes to fruits and vegetables.
Duchy Organics is a company Prince Charles set up in 1990 to sell organic foods and it has been in partnership with Waitrose for over a decade.
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But Camilla’s diet is by no means inaccessible to non-royals.
The Duchess even Camilla admitted she is much more partial to a simple home cooked meal of beans on toast than a fancy restaurant.
Kunal’s next guess at how the Duchess manages her weight was that she “manages her portion sizes well” and does not overeat.
A lot of the time the body thinks it’s hungry but it’s actually thirsty or bored, so being mindful of this is important for those who want to look like Camilla.
As well as a healthy diet, exercise is an important component when it comes to keeping fit and healthy in your 70s.
The expert said: “Camilla always seems to be on the move with public engagements so is fairly active.
“I would imagine she can easily do 10,000 steps throughout a day without even realising it.”
This is obviously a great weight way to stay slender.Exercise for over 70s: SwimmingHowever, there are an array of health benefits that surpass calorie burning.
Taking 10,000 steps a day can boost heart health, strengthen your lungs, strengthen your bones, build muscle and stabilise your blood sugar.
As for other exercises Camilla might enjoy, Kunal said: “Although in her 70s, there’s still a great deal Camilla can do to keep fit and slim.
“Gentle exercise is the key at this age so aerobics, yoga or pilates would be perfect for her.”
Pilates is a fantastic low-impact exercise that may be beneficial for those suffering with arthritis, urinary incontinence, respiratory conditions, joint injuries and back pain.Weight loss: 10 Calorie Burning ExercisesThose who may be experiencing those symptoms and want to try it should consult their doctors before booking into a class or following a session online.
And Camilla isn’t the only royal who likely loves this type of exercise – Meghan Markle approved this six minute pilates workout herself.
Kunal continued: “Alongside that, a little weight training a couple of times per week would reap benefits in conjunction with lots of walking.”
As for others around Camilla’s age, Kunal advised: “The key to staying fit in the 70s is being active, moving more and aiming for at least 10,000 steps daily rather than working out at the gym.
“Stretching exercises, gardening and swimming are particularly beneficial. “Portion sizes are particularly important so you’re not tempted to finish your plate and overeat.”
Kunal is the director of KMAK Fitness
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