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New Delhi: Have you ever tried putting your legs up on the wall? If not, you better start doing this simple yet wonderful exercise which can benefit your health in a number of ways. Called Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall Pose, this yoga posture is considered as one of the most calming and nourishing poses for the mind and the body. The ‘legs up the wall’ pose is also an excellent pose for swollen ankles and feet (or edema).
What’s more, the Viparita Karani is an easy yoga pose that does not require a lot of strength or flexibility. You can simply turn to this relaxation workout in your own life whenever you’re feeling tired or stressed. Try doing this yoga pose every morning and evening for optimal benefits – just ensure that you practice this asana on an empty stomach.
Viparita Karani is a rejuvenating inverted pose that can offer a range of health benefits.
Additionally, it is claimed that the Legs Up the Wall posture can be beneficial for people suffering from metabolic syndrome, restless leg syndrome, venous disease (varicose vein), fibromyalgia such as chronic pain, hot flashes, etc.
You can watch the following video to learn more about the Legs Up the Wall pose.
Video credit: Yoga With Adriene/YouTube
A word of caution: While the Viparita Karani is a mild, restorative yoga exercise, it is advisable to avoid practicing this asana if you are pregnant, menstruating, suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma or other eye problems. Always perform yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher.
Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.
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