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In today’s fast-paced world, we are on our toes 24/7 meeting the hard-pressed deadlines along with completing daily chores and duties. Keeping a check on our health becomes a tough row to hoe often leading to depression, stress anxiety, or other chronic diseases.

Sometimes all you need is time to de-stress and what better way to harmonise the body, soul and mind than practising yoga? Yoga through its holistic asanas has scientifically proven to be favourable not only for mental health but also the overall wellbeing. One such asana is Naukasana, also known as the ‘boat pose’ because the body resembles the shape of a boat, when in this position.

Naukasana is beneficial to cure physical disorders, strengthens the lungs, liver and pancreas and is excellent for those who wish to lose that extra paunch in the stomach area. We have brought together a step-by-step guide, benefits and precautions of Naukasana, so read on to find out!
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