Animal Flow fitness roars into life in Saudi Arabia – Arabnews
JEDDAH: A new fitness discipline called Animal Flow has been introduced to Saudi Arabia.
The innovative fitness program, which combines ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout, kicked off around 10 months ago through Saudi coaches Fahad Maddah and Ehab Banjar.
“You can do Animal Flow as a standalone workout or in a group class. It can be integrated into existing fitness routines by using various components for dynamic warmups, interval training, circuit training and skill-building,” Maddah told Arab News.
He added that it is designed to help people improve their strength, flexibility, body control and coordination. “Animal Flow is a playful expression of what your body can do.”
Maddah and Banjar introduced and built the Animal Flow community in the Kingdom, and have trained more than 100 people in Jeddah.
Their passion for fitness and movement inspired them to introduce the discipline to Saudis.
Banjar said they had to go through a long process of exams, intensive workshops and months of practice to bring the craze to the Kingdom. 
“We became certified via Animal Flow Official in the US, then we started the community here in Saudi Arabia.”
He added: “Animal Flow is a sport just like calisthenics, CrossFit and weightlifting. We support healthy living and staying fit no matter what sport it is.”
Calisthenics coach Reham Kamal took courses in Animal Flow overseas and said it greatly benefits the body.
“It strengthens the core and the muscles around the joints and increases their flexibility,” she told Arab News.
Kamal highlighted that in the past five years, many people have traveled abroad and brought back new fitness disciplines to the Kingdom. 
“People are more open-minded about fitness because of the variety they have seen. We didn’t have this variety of classes before; it was either weightlifting, cardio or swimming classes.”
She added: “Fitness in the Kingdom has really broadened and advanced, especially with the Saudi Olympics. This encourages the youth and helps them excel.”


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