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Are you one of those people who lead a busy lifestyle? Your mornings must be hectic and making time for yourself seems like a faraway reality. During these times, all we wish is to have some relaxed time and a comforting meal. But unfortunately, many don’t have that luxury. And when that happens, we rely on food deliveries or instant food packages. However, the food from outside can take a toll on your health if eaten daily. So, if you want to change your routine and have healthier meals, NDTV Food recently asked people what their go-to meals are after a hectic day. Here we bring you some of their responses and meal ideas!

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1. “My work gets over at around 9:30 pm; after that, I generally want to have something simple. So, I keep wheat dough ready in the fridge. Then if I have any leftover vegetables from the previous day, I make a quick paratha and enjoy it with some dahi. It is fulfilling to have and healthy too.”

– Shreya Surana, 31, CA


2. “I reach my home late in the evening, and since I live alone, I am generally confused about what to make. The easiest thing to put together for me is a sandwich. I mix onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers in hung card and spices and smash them between the pieces of bread. Later, I grill it on a tawa with some rai. It hardly takes 10 minutes to cook this.”

– Aayushii Dhawan, 24, Advocate


3. “I am a big dessert person, but making them takes so much time. So, if any time I am craving something sweet after a long day, I take a piece of bread, add some ghee to it and load it with sugar. Then I bake this till the sugar is caramelised on the bread. It’s a quick dessert to make in 5 minutes. And if you have it with ice cream, it’s even better.”

– Ridhi Jain, 27, Consultant

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4. “Any day I am tired, my go-to meal is sukhi aloo sabzi and roti. I like to have the aloo ki sabzi drenched in spices and top it with some lemon for extra flavour. This with plain phulka and a side of onion is a quick and simple meal.”

– Daxit Sondagar, 26, Design Engineer


5. “The meal I make is a favourite of many people- Maggi. But, before you ask why to have Maggi, let me explain to you how I make it. I like my noodle bowl with more vegetables. I add every leftover vegetable from my fridge with extra spices in my recipe. Later, I cook the Maggi with those vegetables. It’s easy and ready in 10 minutes.”

– Arjun, 33, Senior Manager


6. “My meal is not really an exciting recipe, but since it is healthy, I don’t mind eating it. My full day in the office goes just by having chips or biscuits. And when I want to compensate for the guilt of having unhealthy food, I make oats at night. I mix in some vegetables and top it with a tadka to make it flavourful.”

– Muskan Gupta, 24, Fashion Designer


7. “I saw this recipe on reels, and since that day, I have become a fan of this. Here, I make use of the leftover rotis with eggs. I first prepare a mix of eggs with spices, then I add it to a pan, and on top of that, I add the roti. It becomes like a quick egg roll and suits my diet too!”

– Mayank Rastogi, 29, Entrepreneur


What is your go-to meal options after a hectic day? Let us know in the comments below!

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