Inside Aaron Judge’s diet and meal plan including his favorite New York-themed cheat dish… – The US Sun

AARON JUDGE has a strict diet plan to keep him fueled in his quest for history.
The New York Yankees star is after the home run record this season.
The two-meter tall baseball player also tips the scale at 280lbs.
And he places a huge focus on staying his nutrition to stay energized.
Judge spoke to about his workout and diet plan.
He explained: "The biggest thing is veggies for me — eating your greens.
"I focus on getting a large portion of greens with every meal, no matter what it is.
"In the morning, if I’m eating an omelet, I like to get some spinach and other vegetables in it.
"Salads are big for me, and I always like to have chicken and rice."
Judge's meals differ on a daily basis, but the idea of eating clean remains the same.
He also avoids pasta before games as he feels that weighs him down.
Judge added: "I like to get a bunch of different fruits and some spinach, some protein, and almond butter.
"I’ll put it all in a smoothie and drink a big one, because it’ll fill me up, but it won’t sit in my stomach too heavy.
"That’s something I do every day before the game.
"It helps me maintain that energy and feel full, but without making me feel heavy and slow throughout the game."
But the 30-year-old is only human and enjoys a cheat meal on occasion.
Judge said: "I like pizza. Especially being in New York, you can find some good pizza spots.
"If it’s not pizza, it’s chicken parm or something like that. That’s my go-to."
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