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Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : August 19, 2022 10:56 AM IST
Yoga Asanas and pranayam are both very beneficial for hair and scalp health. It works on stimulating blood circulation in the body which includes the scalp. The more the blood circulation, the better your hair will be. It will rejuvenate your hair and transform it from dry and brittle to soft and healthy. It also promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.
Sarvangasana, also known as the shoulder stand, is an easier version of the head stand. If you are new to yoga, you can try doing this. It is not very difficult but equally effective for your hair and scalp health. Lift you head up in the air without bending it. Feel the pressure on your neck and shoulder as it carries your body’s weight. Also Read – Cholera Outbreak Kills 29 in Syria; Know When The Disease Can Become Deadly
Adho Mukha Swasana, also known as downward facing dog pose is a yoga asana in which you stand on your fours and out your weight on your arms and legs. Your upper body should be bent forward and should face the floor. This pose is very good for relaxing your muscles after workout, stretching and for blood circulation.
Balasana, also known as child’s pose is an asana in which you fold your legs and bend forward, touch the floor and stretch your arms and body as much as you can. This asana also is good for stretching and relaxing your muscles. Also Read – Benefits Of Fasting: How Fasting Can Detox & Cleanse Your Body, Watch Video
Kapalbhati is an asana for rejuvenating and cleansing your mind. A lot of factors influencing bad hair health involves stress and mental health. This exercise helps cleanse the toxins from the kapal, or forehead, promotes more oxygen supply, reduced free radicals and promotes hair growth. Through this process it also helps reduce stress and anxiety, also goof for hair health.
Sirsasana, also known as the headstand is a comparatively difficult yoga asana and only a long term yoga performer will be able to do it. But, it is not impossible. You can also do it with a lot of practice. This ensures maximum blood circulation especially to your scalp. It promotes new hair growth, prevents graying of hairs, thinning and balding. Also Read – Navratri Tips: Here’s How You Should Plan Your Fasting Meals In Order To Remain Energetic And Lose Weight, Watch Video
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