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Over the past two decades, yoga has become a popular method for exercise and general wellness. This traditional Indian practice focuses on breathing, flexibility, and strength. At Zen Den in Lafayette, there is not only a push for maximizing the capabilities of your physical body but also your inner being.
Emoni Harbor is the owner and an instructor at Zen Den hot yoga studio off Johnston Street. Harbor is a Lafayette native and a serial entrepreneur, she has been operating the studio for just over a year. She’s owned other businesses previously, but feels she has found purpose in teaching yoga.  Harbor began her journey with yoga about 10 years ago and has loved it ever since.
When the idea and opportunity to run this business was presented Harbor really wanted to create a safe space for her community. 
“[Teaching yoga] has brought more power into my life than I could have imagined,” Harbor explains. ” I feel like I get more recognition than I ever intended because I am a woman of color, I’m really young, and I’m also part of the LGBTQ community. So I kind of have all these minorities, on my shoulders.
“The people who come here, they’re so appreciative of me, and the community that I’m building, they’re so grateful. It’s so empowering. It’s benefited my life and the way that I feel about purpose. Like I have a reason to wake up in the morning because there are people that see me for who I am.”
Harbor has made it her goal as a business owner and teacher to help those around her with self awareness. She sees yoga in a holistic manner catering to the needs of each class and providing every student with tools to maximize their mind, body, and spiritual experience.
Zen Den offers classes daily. Every class is heated between 90 and 115 degrees unless otherwise stated in the description. The studio offers memberships with subscription periods ranging from two weeks to six months. One day passes are also available. She hopes to eventually operate multiple locations in Acadiana.
If you are a new yogi or a mediation master Zen Den has a class for you. Zen Den Hot Yoga is located at 135 A  Arnould Blvd. in Lafayette for information on classes and pricing visit You can connect with them on and
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