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Fruits have always been associated with divinity in Indian Mythology. They have numerous meanings and stories attached to them. They are also distinct in different geographical areas and hold immense significance in different cultures.
The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is arriving this year on Wednesday, 31 August 2022. And like every year, this year too the preparation kickstarts with beautiful memories of last year’s celebrations, finally waning to give rise to the pleasant expectations of the current celebrations. It is Lord Ganesha who wards off all hindrances in all aspects of life. Hence with his blessings, the festival is also believed to begin and continue unhindered. Celebrated for ten long days, a variety of bhogs are offered to Lord Ganesha. Modaks may be his favourite, but being an elephant headed God, he loves fruits too.
A variety of seasonal fruits are offered to Lord Ganesha during the festival. People even today, at many places, offer banana garlands to this elephant-headed God. Fruits chosen from Lord Ganesha’s preferred list, have highly nutritious content and therapeutic properties as well. So let us quickly go through the list of Lord Ganesha’s preferred items and understand their usage and benefits.
Varieties of fruits are offered on the day of Ganesha Festival as bhog but it is the good old banana that scores over all the rest of the fruits. It is a fruit that Lord Ganesha holds very dear to his heart. Banana being seasonal, fresh, and is offered in plenty of rituals associated with Lord Ganesha. People offer garlands made of banana leaves along with its stem and flowers. It is the best form of Bhog that we can offer to him as he loves to feast on them. Delicious dishes can be prepared out of bananas and the myriad nutrients in it prevents many chronic diseases and boost immunity.
Custard apple, also known as Seetaphal boosts immune systems and keeps infections under control. This fruit is used in the preparation of Modak. During Ganesh Chaturthi Seetaphal is also offered to Lord Ganesha and also to the visitors which increases the demand for Seetaphal in the market. Custard apples are bought in bulk by Ganesh Pandals.” Being a storehouse of antioxidants custard apple lowers the risk of inflammation, cancer and other chronic diseases. It also has antidepressant properties and fixes vision related disorders. It helps in gaining weight and also works as an immune booster.
Bael Fruit or Wood Apple or elephant apple is a favourite fruit of elephants and hence probably it can be linked with Lord Ganesha’s preference for this fruit. Having an elephant head may be an added reason for his preference. Wood apple augments heart and liver health and also treats infections effortlessly. vitamin C in Wood Apple is known to prevent Scurvy, boosts immunity and prevents a wide range of viral infections. Its laxative properties aids in cleansing intestine and preventing constipation.
Black Jamun is a seasonal fruit which is available during the Shravan month and hence used for the festival by devotees. Also, it is a fruit, which is Lord Ganesha loves to feast on. There is an easy way to appease him through this fruit. On Wednesday evening, Jamun or black plum must be offered as Bhog and distributed amongst the family the next day. This has a mythological background as well. Jambu tree was planted in the Jambu Island, which could be spotted only by enlightened souls. Hence, this sacred fruit is a valuable addition to the list of Bhogs offered to Lord Ganesha. This is also an ideal weight loss aid that helps shed excess weight.
All festivals and auspicious occasions cannot do without Coconut as it is not only used for worship but also as bhogs for Gods during worship. Breaking the coconut before the beginning of any auspicious activity wards off evil spirits and hence comes to be recognized as a fruit that Lord Ganesha loves. Many delicious dishes can be prepared out of Coconut, which can be offered with prayers to the Lord. With its multifarious medicinal uses, it has gained a divine association with Lord Ganesha.
Guava is one of the seasonal fruits, readily available, delicious, and healthy to consume. It aids in curbing diabetes and other deadly illnesses as per some opinions. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C that strengthens the immunity and prevents infections. Regular intake of Guava helps pregnant women as it protects the new born from neurological malfunctioning. With its very high content of vitamins C, A, and potent antioxidants it capably averts the risk of cancers. the therapeutic properties of Guava relax the muscles and nerves, thereby clearing stress and elevating the mood and energy levels.
This red-coloured fruit signifies many aspects of creation especially when it comes to the shape, size, colour and seeds that represent the stages of life and rebirth, marriage to fertility to death. It has rich medicinal values that can easily put it at the top of Lord Ganesha’s favourite food list. The skin of pomegranate also has medicinal uses. This fruit can also be juiced and served as a drink to boost hemoglobin especially as a replacement for a traditional panak (sludge) during festivals celebrated at homes.
Mango deserves to be called the food of gods, the ambrosia, the nectar and so on. It is not a surprise that it is listed as Lord Ganesha’s favourite food as well. The yellow and juicy plum on the inside can make anybody salivate and the rich mango aroma gives a deliberate hint about its nectar dripping taste. It is also used to make dishes that can be offered as Bhog to Lord Ganesha, and also to other gods as well.
In some states, people offer 21 types of fruits to Lord Ganesha on this auspicious day. The fruits that are accepted by him for bhog are Sugarcane, Mango, Neem fruit, Figs, Pineapple, Orange, Mosambi, Wood apple, Pear, Banana, Jackfruit, Apple, Orange, Custard apple, Kiwi, Chickoo, Grapes, Cranberry, Jamun (Java Plum), Guava, Pomegranate, and Jujube.
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