James Martin weight loss: How TV chef lost 5st without changing diet – 'not eating less' – Express

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TV chef James Martin revealed how he lost five stone over the years, and it’s a technique that is pretty “simple”. The self-confessed foodie has stunned fans with his transformation, inspiring them to kickstart their healthy lifestyles too.
The regular This Morning cook has always been open about his weight.
James, who is 6ft 4in tall, previously weighed 19st 17lb at his heaviest before changing a few lifestyle habits.
And he says the method he used is “key” to maintaining a heathy weight.
Fans of the Saturday morning ITV presenter will know that James likes to enjoy an alcoholic drink now and again, but he decided to cut booze and fizzy drinks out completely to shed some weight.
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By doing so, he found his physique changed dramatically, without making any major changes to his diet or calorie intake.
Instead, he just made sure he was consuming – and still does – the recommended two litres of water per day to keep his body hydrated and healthy.
He explained on the show: “The way I lost weight is by cutting down soft drinks.
“I drink a lot of water, two litres every day. I still eat exactly the same.
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“Losing weight is a balance of everything, it’s getting off your a**e and doing more and not eating less, but eating a variety of different things.”
He admitted lockdown was perhaps a cause for bingeing, but by ensuring he stays hydrated, he has felt more energised and more switched on mentally.
He said: “Water is the key. As you get older, I realised I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m working [in the kitchen] all the time anyway.
“Water keeps your brain healthy and it keeps your skin healthy and it keeps your focused – it’s crazy when you give up soft drinks how much more your brain feels alive, it’s very weird.”
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“I’ve lost a stone-ish,” he said back in 2018 after beginning his weight loss journey.
“I just think it’s a lifestyle thing and also looking at yourself on TV.

Celebrity weight loss transformations “I don’t really watch the programmes that I do because you get critical of yourself.
“You kind of watch and go, ‘Oh God there’s a bit of a chin happening there.’
“And everybody’s TVs are bigger now. Before you used to watch TV on a small one and now they’re massive,” he told the Sun.
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