Exercise methods that are 'a lot more beneficial' for weight loss – and 'more fun' – Express

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When it comes to losing weight, it can be a lonely journey and a challenging one too. While the dieting and healthy eating side can be done by oneself, the other fundamental weight loss method, exercise, can cause anxiety, stress and lack of motivation for some people.
This is due to a number of issues, such as working out alone and embarrassment, all of which can have an adverse impact on a person’s progress
So Dean Zweck, product development manager at Total Fitness, shared his insights to help people bring some much needed fun to their next routine that will keep them pushing towards their goals.
He said: “We all workout for different reasons, whether we’re looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or increase our endurance and overall fitness levels.
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“However, one reason some neglect to think about is working out for fun.
“Whilst working out is by no means meant to be easy, having fun isn’t just crucial for our own enjoyment, but is also crucial for your fitness success.”
He added: “If you find your workouts boring, you’re less likely to want to do them, which increases the likelihood that you’ll either workout less, or stop altogether, which will limit the effectiveness of your weight loss journey.”
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Dean revealed enjoying each exercise a person does is “crucial”.
“Forcing yourself to do certain exercises because you think they’ll help you lose weight may feel like a wise idea, but in the long run you’re likely to become demotivated, which end up having the opposite effect,” he said.
He suggested people familiarise themselves with different exercises to find what suits them best.
“If you like doing these exercises, you’re much more likely to keep at it for longer,” he said.
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People must vary their workouts for two fundamental reasonsEnjoying each exercise a person does is 'crucial'People must vary their workouts for two fundamental reasons:
To prevent boredom
To avoid reaching a plateau in performance, training and weight loss
Dean added: “Whilst repetition can be a positive during workouts, it can also grow tiresome when you’re doing the same exercises over and over.
“After a while, if you’re finding yourself feeling bored by your workouts, don’t be afraid to switch things up.”
While it might be scary for people to do this, he revealed that it’ll be “a lot more beneficial” in the long run.
“Finding exercises boring may also be a sign that they’re too easy for you, which in itself is a sign that your fitness levels are improving,” he said
If a person is worried about going it alone, Dean suggested taking a friend along with them to make their workouts more enjoyable.
“Whether you want to gossip on the treadmills or spot each other on the barbells, bringing a friend along for your workouts can help to inject some more fun into your routine,” he said.
“Not only do friends bring fun, they can also offer support and accountability.
“For the days where motivation is a little harder to come by, or you’re struggling to keep on top of things, a friend can help to make sure you stay on track, ensuring you’re still working out towards your weight loss goals.”
Classes are also a great opportunity to socialise, which can easily make workouts more fun.
They can give people a chance to spend time with like-minded people whilst losing weight in the process.
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