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The Cleveland Browns season is over but a few last interviews with the media are expected while other teams prepare for the playoffs. On Monday, safety John Johnson III met with the media to talk about the season and some of the struggles.
Johnson was the Browns big free-agent addition during the 2021 offseason. Coming over from the Los Angeles Rams, he was expected to give the defense a big boost on the backend and become an important leader in the locker room.
Adjustment to scheme and injuries limited Johnson’s impact with Cleveland in his first season but the defense showed great signs in the second half of the season.
Discussing what he is looking forward to in 2022 and changes he might like, the safety noted the players’ relationship with the team’s training staff:
John Johnson III says he would love a yoga instructor in the building for the Browns, along with other things in regards to training: "I think our relationship with the training staff could be a whole lot better…" #Browns
— Hayden Grove (@H_Grove) January 10, 2022

Cleveland lost a lot of important players for multiple games this year. Soft tissue and muscle injuries were prevalent. While the idea of yoga may not fit the narrative of some related to football, flexibility is a huge asset to keeping those areas healthy given all the movement by NFL players.
While Johnson’s comment paints the Browns training staff and plan in a bad light, he had a different experience with the Los Angeles Rams his first four seasons. Hopefully, the team is willing to hear his concerns and what worked with the Rams and implement some of that in 2022.
A better relationship between players and the training staff along with adding in yoga type activities could help the team stay healthier next year.
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