New Year's resolutions: Newport gym owners offer tips for 2022 –

The new year often brings new promises to join a gym and commit to a consistent exercise routine.
But getting started can be tough.
The equipment may be intimidating and the lack of immediate results may be a turnoff. Not to mention in January the crowds have a tendency to swell. But maybe 2022 is the year you actually keep that resolution. 
If you want to keep that self-care promise to yourself this year, here are some tips from local gym owners on how to actually — finally — make 2022 your year of fitness.
January is usually the time for stocked gyms thanks to all those who made New Year’s resolutions. “If you’re going to join a gym, definitely ask them how many people are in there at a specific time,” said Jacqueline Wilkinson, owner of Anytime Fitness in Newport and Middletown. 
“Newbies, I would definitely recommend getting a coach” or trainer, Wilkinson said. That way, “you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do next.”
Wilkinson touted a $1 promotion for the month of January at Anytime Fitness, which comes with two free training sessions. 
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Jacki Lane, owner/master trainer at Pulse Newport, suggests downloading three to four photos that represent your fitness goal (a bathing suit, a hike you’re going to go on, a vacation destination). Make a collage using free apps like MOLDIV or Canva and set the collage as the home screen on your phone.
“Constant reminders of your goals will help you stay on track,” Lane said.
Don’t just join a gym, Lane advises. Find a trainer, partner, or someone else to hold you accountable, and set “mini-goals” while your strive for the big ones.
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Give a big chunk of money to a friend. With every success (perhaps you made it to the gym three times a week, you lost a pound, etc.), you “earn” your money back in small increments. “This works,” Lane said.
Measure inches. Waistlines, Lane said, often shrink first. Measure your waist “where it dips in the most” or two inches above your belly button, and re-check that every three weeks rather than stepping on a scale. 
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“True story. We do body fat testing and inch measurements for all our Elite members and boot campers at Pulse Gym. Today I tested a woman who weighed 168 when I met her, and 174 today. She lost 2% body fat in the past 5 weeks, her hips and waist are both 1 (inch) smaller — but the scale would have made her quit,” Lane said.
“It’s not just a saying, it’s true — your scale might go up before it goes down — stay the course, measure often and you’ll get there.”


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