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Written by Debjani Arora | Published : April 6, 2018 7:18 PM IST
It is always better to start early whether yoga or any other fitness activity to stay agile, fit and flexible as you age. But the majority of us are ignorant about our health and place fitness at the lowest of our priority list. So, by the time our body decides to get back to us for all the abuses hurled over the years, we are usually taken by surprise. For most people the early 40s serve as a wakeup call, that occasional knee pain, the stiff back are all signs that your body signals enough is enough. But it is still not too late as even in your early 40s you can take charge of your health. Here are few myths about yoga debunked by an expert.
If you are looking for a less taxing and tiring way to start your fitness regimen in your 40s that can make you fitter, ease those joint pains, promise a more mind-body sync, you should try yoga. We spoke to yoga guru Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Zorba Yoga, Mumbai to know what people should keep in mind when they start doing yoga at 40.
By the time one reaches their 40s, they are constantly in search of stability in almost every aspect of their life. In our early years, we often avoid taking responsible steps to maintain our physical and mental health. Sometimes it becomes harmful during the early and mid-40s as the body keeps ageing and getting weaker. Ageing is natural, but as we grow older we tend to grow weak and begin to experience discomforts and illnesses, practising yoga can be good to prevent such ailments, says Shashi. Read to know when you should practice yoga morning or evening?

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Starting yoga at 40, what are the things one should keep in mind?
Sarvesh: One needs to be aware of the right asanas, pranayamas and kriyas to practice for a healthy and quality life experience through yoga. At 40, you cannot go wrong with the basics as one wrong move and it can do damages to your health. This is why when you start yoga consult with an expert to prioritize the problem areas that you need to work on. Usually, as one age more attention is needed to boost the functionality of the immune system; improve lung function, muscle flexibility, strength, endurance and manage stress. Here are reasons why you should take your stress seriously.
A healthy immune system helps to prevent illnesses and diseases. It also initiates faster recovery if you suffer from any kind of sickness or ailments. Practising pranayam can make your lungs strong and healthy which helps to inhale more oxygen and maintain a steady flow of it in the body. Muscle flexibility is very important to keep the body smooth, the joints agile and also protect them from any sudden shock or trauma. Regular practice of the correct asanas helps to gain the necessary body strength and boost endurance.

Is there any precaution one needs to take like avoiding certain asanas or certain postures?
Sarvesh: An individual who is in his/her 40s should remember that stability of mind, better immune system, flexible body, healthy internal organs and improved body strength should be the priority. Too much of anything is not good, so going overboard with the asanans will never help. It is important to remember what your goals are and practice movements that will help you attain it. But as you start yoga it is also essential to keep note of the changes which happen so you can improve and improvise on them. When you start late go slow and be steady with your practice: do little by little, one step at a time.
Does it help to take up yoga in your 40s?
Sarvesh: In the 40s yoga practice can miraculously help you to keep away from diabetes, sleeping disorders, stressful thinking, body aches, cholesterol, blood pressure and more. Your expectations from yoga should be realistic; you should be more focused towards attaining a balance between mental and physical well-being as well as stability in different aspects of life. Avoid trendy competitions that people take to prove one s fitness levels and focus your awareness towards your health and inner peace; ultimately you are the one who really can diagnose the right areas you need to work through the yogic practices.
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