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National Senior Health and Fitness Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May, this year on May 31. It is a day dedicated to the betterment of the health of seniors. The common goal is to help senior Americans stay fit and healthy. Numerous organizations around the country organize events to spread the word about the importance of eldercare and the various ways of doing it. There are also local events organized at neighborhood parks, gyms, and other similar places.
National Senior Health and Fitness Day is celebrated every year on the last Wednesday of May as part of the Older Americans Month activities. The day is commemorated by the Mature Market Resource Center, a national-level clearinghouse organization for the older adults market in collaboration with various non-profit organizations and private NGOs. National Senior Health and Fitness Day is the largest health and wellness movement for seniors in the U.S.
It is high time that we explore the various options of physical activity available for our seniors and acknowledge the importance of nutrition and exercise for the prevention of ill health. A healthy diet boosts immunity and energy while regular exercise retains bone mass and lowers the risk of fractures as well as that of any other disease or condition.
Around the country, assisted-living communities provide intermediate care for the elderly who, although they do not require a nursing home, are no longer able to carry on living independently. Different kinds of senior care and housing have emerged, such as communities for continuing care retirement, respite care, in-home care, and memory care.
National Senior Health and Fitness Day is celebrated in over 1,200 locations including senior centers, recreation centers, hospitals, health clubs, health departments, retirement communities, and more. Local health and senior organizations organize, sponsor, and host events with the help, guidance, and aid of the Mature Market Resource Center team. Different kinds of popular programs are held at such events, like group exercises, walking tours, health fairs, and many more.
Famous Persian polymath Ibn Sina writes “The Canon of Medicine,” an influential medical text in Arabic with the first mention of eldercare.
In Europe and North America, governments begin to acknowledge their obligation to ensure that the poor elderly population has shelter and enough food.
The Indigent Widows and Single Women’s Society is founded in Philadelphia and becomes one of the first facilities for senior care in history.
Medicare and Medicaid are created to ensure that seniors have access to medical care regardless of their financial condition.
Heart disease is the number one health problem in America. According to estimates, every 43 seconds, someone has a heart attack in the U.S.
Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older. It consists of two parts: part A is hospital insurance and part B is medical insurance.
For the past two decades, heart disease and cancer hold the leading positions for the causes of death for people of 65 and above in the U.S.
Take a moment to spend time with your grandparents, parents, and in-laws. This day is there to make them feel special.
Organize an event in your neighborhood for the seniors. Talk about the significance of good health and spread the word on social media using the hashtags #NationalSeniorHealthAndFitnessDay, #SeniorHealthAndFitnessDay, #SeniorHealthDay.
Volunteer at health fairs to spread the word. It is a chance to extend help to the elderly in your community, which in turn will add to your own well-being.
The world is aging rapidly and people of 60 years and older will rise in numbers from 900 million to 2 billion between 2015 and 2050.
Today, ageism, discrimination against people based on their age, is more pervasive than racism or sexism.
Only 3.6% of seniors above the age of 65 are in nursing homes.
In the U.S., 10.5% of people over the age of 65 are living in poverty and they have the highest poverty rate in the country.
In America, 42% of the older population, 65 and above, are part of minority groups.
This day serves to acknowledge how important our elders are and their health. Since they are our seniors, it is our job to help them live a healthier life.
This is a day dedicated to health. In the present times, in which many of us are living more sedentary lives, it’s becoming more and more necessary to take care of our elders’ health.
This day highlights the importance of respecting our seniors and taking care of them. Ageism needs to be abolished.
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