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Physical activity is an important part of healthy aging. Check out these articles, which were previously housed on the Go4Life exercise and physical activity website, to learn the latest on how exercise and physical activity can help you stay healthy as you age. Find tips on how to fit exercise into your daily life safely and get motivated to get moving!
4 Types of Exercise
Learn about endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.
How to Get Started with Exercise
Being physically active is one of the best things you can do for your health. Get started!
Real-Life Benefits of Exercise
Staying active can help your physical and emotional health and mobility.
Staying Motivated to Exercise
Find ways to stay motivated and fit exercise into your life.
Have Fun and Be Active
Find fun, simple ideas to keep you active throughout the year.
Finding the Right Fitness Clothes
Choosing the right clothing and shoes is important for staying safe and comfortable.
Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors
Almost anyone can be safe when exercising outdoors. Learn how!
Exercising with Chronic Conditions
Almost anyone, at any age, can do some type of physical activity. Learn how.
Exercise and Physical Activity Tracking Tools
Use these tracking tools to help stick with your exercise routine!

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