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Influencers share how they juggle work, parenthood and wellbeing
anuary is a time when many of us start new exercise routines or attempt a detox. But with the addition of a family, how do mums balance a proper wellness regime?
Here are eight to follow on Instagram, with some tips and ideas for creating yours.
Nutritionist and author of The Science Of Nutrition Rhiannon Lambert is well-known for her “myth busting” content in which she breaks down misconceptions in the world of nutrition.
She says: “It’s so hard juggling motherhood with work and all the other responsibilities mothers have in today’s society. My advice is to try and ensure you nourish your mind and body. One simple way to do this is to stay hydrated ,which will give you the best possible chance of getting through those manic days. Realistically no one is perfect and aspiring for perfection isn’t helpful, so instead, I like to set small goals for my clients and myself. It could be as simple as making sure you eat a new vegetable and/or fruit at every mealtime. I like my clients and online audience to think about what they can put into their diet rather than what they can take out. For example, add a spoonful of almond butter or a handful of almonds to your breakfast, almonds are rich in nutrients that help protect the heart and are packed with fibre – a very simple way to get more nutrients into your daily diet.
“Try not to skip meals, as it might lead to poor concentration, affect quality sleep and energy levels, causing your blood sugar levels to yo-yo up and down. Ask for help from friends or families so you can get a good food shop in. I have had to learn how to do this but asking for help doesn’t mean you have failed. We all need help, especially when we are looking after little ones and working!”
Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach who shares simple daily rituals, morning routines, exercise inspiration and tips on how to manage stress levels with her followers. Her advice to mums is to try to create a routine that incorporates three to four daily practices that help you feel better every day. That could be five minutes of meditation, a 20-minute walk, candlelit bath, journaling session or short yoga practice. “Be consistent and disciplined with yourself and do it from a place of self-love: because you deserve to feel your best and give yourself undivided attention,” she says.
Ash Reid is well known on TikTok and YouTube for her “mealspiration” videos.
She says: “As a lover of food and being a busy mum, I find pleasure in enjoying a well-earned cuppa and a chocolate biscuit – it’s a small treat so I want to be realistic and find a way to make that work in my lifestyle. I think it’s important for mums – and dads – to look after themselves physically and mentally. This really is vital for keeping up with the boundless energy of our offspring! We can’t pour from an empty cup so making sure your own cup is filled first and let it overflow to the others around you is a healthy way to look at it.”
Carly Rowena shares motivational advice and workout routines on her Instagram reels. She is the author or my Beautiful Body and also runs retreat programmes for her clients from Cornwall to Greece.
Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, is a journalist and radio presenter with over 335k followers. She campaigns for flexible working and many other issues affecting working mums in particular.
Yasmin Turner is mum to baby Zachary, she has documented her pregnancy on Instagram and will be sharing her own postpartum fitness journey with her followers this year.
She says: “Looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health, take time to invest in things that make your soul happy. Any fitness or lifestyle changes you decide to make, make sure you’re doing it for you and you only and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.”
Personal trainer Sinead is a mum to two boys. She shares stories of parenthood, alongside diet, fitness, weight lifting and nutrition tips with her followers.
Connie Simmonds is a mindset coach, body positivity advocate and mum to Macie Rae. Author of Healthy Forever, she also hosts the The Wellbeing Podcast and regularly shares workout and healthy recipe inspiration.
This list was compiled using data from audience2media.com
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