6 Fitness Studios in Saudi That Offer Exciting Classes – About Her

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a cool class to be committed to or an avid athlete looking for something new to try, these fitness studios in the Kingdom offer the coolest and most intriguing classes that cater to people of all fitness levels.

FLAG Boxing

Halah Alhamrani, Saudi’s first female boxer, founded the Fight Like A Girl Boxing Studio, with Najia Alfadl, head CrossFit coach, and Grethe Kraugerud, head boxing coach, along her side, this fitness studio has managed to soar and grow even bigger throughout the years. They offer a collection of interesting classes from beginner boxing classes to Calisthenics, you’ll leave their gym feeling like a powerful goddess.

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Pulse Studio

At Pulse the focus isn’t just on the activity, but on the experience as well. With Jeddah’s top trainers maintaining the gym flow, this all-female fitness utopia will empower you in every physical and mental aspect. Cykill, Bootylates, and Werk HIIT; the names are not the only creative thing about their classes, as each activity and exercise is designed in an innovative way.

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Fitness First

With 60 clubs in 51 different locations around the Middle East, this studio sets a new standard for professionalism and excellence. You’ll be offered the most personalized and prescribed service and you’ll be kept motivated and passionate about your daily gym trips – that’s a promise from them. Aqua Aerobics, Body Combat, Tabata, and more, just name it and you’ll find it at Fitness First.

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Sparkle Fitness
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A life and body transforming experience is what you’ll get at Sparkle Fitness. They’ll rid you of kilos and stress, promising a rich and rewarding experience. The studio offers many classes including Kangoo Jumps, Power Pump, and Abs Attack.

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Studio 55

Ride55, Fitness55, Focus55, Fusion55, and Nourish55 are the programs they offer, and each includes a set of diverse classes tailored to meet your every fitness need.

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Soul Warrior
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At this studio, the health and vitality of your body, mind and soul are taken care of. Maximize your potential and learn more about your inner warrior. You can try out a different set of classes including Yoga, Pilates, and Gymnastics.

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