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A Capitol rioter who famously said she wasn’t going to prison and then was sentenced to two months in prison says she’s going to use her time in jail to “detox.”
Jenna Ryan is a 50-year-old Texas realtor who bragged that she was part of the cohort of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, and later tweeted that she was “definitely not going to jail” because she had “blonde hair white skin a great job a great future [sic].” She later reached a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 60 days in prison on a misdemeanor charge. 
Earlier this week, Ryan detailed her plans for her sentence, which include doing yoga, detoxing, and—hopefully—protein shakes. 
“OK, so here’s the deal. I am going to prison in three weeks,” Ryan said in a TikTok posted Monday. “At the first week in January, I have to report to prison, and the only thing I can see that's good about going to prison is that I'm going to be able to work out a lot and do yoga and detox.”
“And also I can’t eat because the food is awful,” she added. “There’s just no food. So, hopefully, they have like, some protein shakes and… some protein bars, I think.”
Ryan then steps on a scale. After, she says, “I’m thinking I can get down to 140,” meaning she wants to lose 30 pounds in prison—a rate of a half-pound per day, which is far more than what experts recommend for people intentionally trying to lose weight. 
“If I do that, then it will be worth going to prison for 60 days,” Ryan says. “You have to look at the bright side of everything you do.”
In another TikTok Wednesday captioned “Prison Sucks,” Ryan attempted to walk back what she previously said. “No, I do not think I’m going to have a great time at all,” she said. “I’m going to go through hell. It’s going to be awful going to prison.” 
“But,” she added, “I’m a very positive person and so I try to look at the bright side of everything,” She went on to say that in addition to working out, she plans to read books such as the Bible and “set my intention to become a better person.” 
In recent days, Ryan has also posted an eight-second video captioned “Screen Test for a Reality Show,” as well as multiple TikToks about a Norwegian documentary crew that’s filming her. 
She reports to prison after the New Year. So far, she’s been one of the few people charged in connection with the riot who has actually been sentenced, but her sentence is relatively light compared with others who played more prominent roles in the insurrection.
In November, Jacob Chansley—known as the “QAnon Shaman,” who became the face of the riot by wearing a Viking helmet and face paint and carrying a spear—was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison
That same month, New Jersey gym owner and former mixed martial arts fighter Scott Fairlamb was sentenced to 41 months for his role in the Capitol riot, which included punching a cop. 
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