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Make plant-based meal planning a breeze.
Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or just curious about a plant-based approach, incorporating more plants into your diet has a slew of benefits. From reducing inflammation to supporting immunity, plants are nutritious powerhouses that provide a ton of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. Not to mention that a plant-based diet can have a significant positive impact on the environment. And vegetarian meal delivery services offer a way to spice things up in the kitchen and introduce home cooks to new plant-based foods and recipes. They provide a great vessel for incorporating more veggies into your diet and reaping the benefits of plant-based meals.
The food and nutrition experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute conducted a three-month-long meal delivery service study with over 200 real-life home cooks and industry experts across the United States. We researched and evaluated over 40 services, including traditional meal kits, affordable meal delivery services and semi-prepared and ready-to-eat meals. Using this data, our registered dietitians chose the best vegetarian meal delivery services that are either exclusively vegetarian or offer a robust vegetarian menu.

You can learn more about how we evaluate meal delivery services at the end of this guide. Looking for more meal delivery options? Check out our guides to the best vegan meal delivery and best organic meal delivery services.
This exclusively vegan service provides unique plant-based meals with vibrant international flavors. You can opt for traditional meal kits or fully prepared meals that just need to be heated and are ready in five minutes or less.
How it works: Start by choosing your plan type: traditional meal kits or pre-prepared meals. Opt for three to four dinners per week to serve two or four people. The menu changes weekly and includes creative dishes like Egyptian Koshari and Parsnip and Carrot Bhajis. For prepared meals, you can order between six and 10 meals for the week. Breakfast and lunch options are available too, as well as celebration kits which offer three-course meal kits for special occasions.
Lab lowdown: Our experts love that the service is exclusively vegan and brings plant-based meals to life, providing unique recipe techniques and flavor profiles. Testers loved how “inspired” the recipes were and liked that they could reuse the recipe booklet to recreate the meals. One tester raved, “Purple Carrot meals are inventive, delicious and nutritious without involving complicated cooking!” The celebration kits were a huge hit too that made birthdays and holidays extra special.
Plant-based doesn’t have to be bird food. These hearty plant-powered meals from Mosaic include everything from veggie bowls and pizzas to smoothies, soups and oat bowls. The brand uses high-quality ingredients, choosing organic and local options when possible.
How it works: Start by selecting your plan, which includes 6, 12 or 18 options per box. Then fill your box with a variety of plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Meal filters include vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, nut-free and high-protein. Select delivery for every one to four weeks. Meals are delivered frozen.
Lab lowdown: Both testers and experts loved the variety and veggie-forward focus of the meals. Family meals (designed to serve four) are very convenient for busy households and packed with hidden veggies that the whole family can feel good about eating. Testers found the flavors super unique and said that they had a “greater diversity and quantity of vegetables than any supermarket frozen foods that I’ve tried.”
This fully plant-based service is female-founded and known for its signature line of smoothies and soups (though they also offer grain bowls, noodle bowls and more). It’s the perfect solution for a light lunch and on-the-go nutritious breakfast option.
How it works: Pick one of five plans and then choose how often you would like to receive meals. Options include weekly, every other week or monthly. All meals are dairy-free, non-GMO and contain no artificial sweeteners or colors, and you can choose from more than 50 meals each week (all vegetarian!). Select from inventive flavor combinations like cocoa almond smoothies, tomato quinoa chili soup and kale pesto noodles.
Lab lowdown: Our experts love that the service is fully vegetarian and focuses on a balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats in each item. Testers loved the convenience and simplicity of having the meals already prepared. One tester said, “The smoothies and soups were creative and tasty and contained things that I would never have thought to try!”
Frozen food gets a serious upgrade with Veestro, a 100% vegan and fully prepared meal delivery service that uses mostly organic ingredients and offers gluten-free and soy-free options too.
How it works: Start by selecting your plan of either 10, 20 or 30 meals per week. Filter by different dietary preferences including high-protein, low-calorie, kosher, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and more. You can also opt for the weight loss plan which includes five to seven days of three meals per day at approximately 1,200 daily calories per day. They can be kept in the freezer for up to eight weeks or in the fridge for three to five days. All the meals require are to be heated in the oven or popped in the microwave. Some favorite selections include Hawaiian chili, pad thai, chik’n shawarma and banana French toast.
Lab lowdown: Our experts love that Veestro has one of the largest fully plant-based meal selections, offering diverse cuisines and inventive meal combinations. Testers raved about the flavor, convenience and generous portion sizes, saying that it felt “higher end and tastier than typical frozen food.”
This exclusively vegan service offers fully prepared organic meals that come delivered fresh to your door. They make for the ultimate work lunch or convenient weeknight dinner option for plant-based eaters.
How it works: Select your plan of either 6, 12 or 18 meals per week. You’ll get to choose from six new menu options each week and have the option to select multiple of each meal. Japanese soba noodles, roasted acorn squash and Amalfi lentil bolognese are some of the most popular meal choices.
Lab lowdown: Our registered dietitians appreciate Sprinly’s focus on nutrition. The service provides well-balanced meals that thoughtfully pair things like vitamin C-rich foods with iron-rich foods for maximum nutrient absorption. Testers loved how convenient the meals are and said that the selections were “packed with flavor,” but they did point out that the menu only offers six different meal options each week.
This popular service, designed to help you feel good from the inside out, focuses on plant-based organic meals to support beauty, digestion and more. All of the options are dairy-free, non-GMO and free from refined sugars.
How it works: Choose from the signature organic meal delivery programs with an option to do a one-week trial program. Choose the number of days you want to receive meals — either three or five — as well as which meals you want to receive like rose petal pancakes and Middle Eastern bowls. Other plans include Level II Detox and a 20-Day Bridal Program. Most programs include Sakara’s daily tea and probiotic as well. You also receive access to Sakara Wellness Coaches.
Lab lowdown: A tester favorite, meals had balanced portions and inventive vegetarian ingredients. Both testers and experts appreciated that the food was wholesome, plant-based and satisfying. Our experts appreciated the high-quality ingredients from Sakara too. “I loved being introduced to new and interesting ingredients that I had never heard of,” said one tester.
This budget-friendly meal kit comes at a considerably lower price point than most but doesn’t sacrifice quality or recipe variety. In fact, the brand cuts costs by using digital recipe cards instead of paper and fewer ingredients per dish which translates to less chopping and cleanup after meal prep.
How it works: Select three to six meals per week for two or four individuals. You can opt to make your box vegetarian, and although not all Dinnerly meals are plant-based we found that the vegetarian offerings are substantial. Favorites include the loaded vegetarian burrito bowl, udon noodle stir-fry and honey-chipotle tofu tacos.
Lab lowdown: Our experts were impressed by the flavorful and creative meals at a cost-efficient price, making the meal kit practical for many. Testers really enjoyed the meals too, saying that they were “satisfying, filling and out of our normal realm of what we would typically choose.”
Although Sunbasket isn’t exclusively vegetarian, it offers a flavorful menu of plant-based meals that are influenced by international cuisines. Since both meat and meat-free options are available, this service is great for those who want a variety of options each week, especially for those who follow a flexitarian diet.
How it works: Choose from either meal kits that can be prepared in 15 to 40 minutes or fresh and ready meals that can be heated in as little as 4 minutes. Vegetarian meal plans are available, and the site has filters for gluten-free, paleo, pescatarian, Mediterranean and diabetes-friendly diets. You can select meals for two to four people and between two and five dinners per week. Breakfast and lunch options are also available. Vegetarian menu options include Creole barley veggie bowls, yuba japchae bowls with glass noodles and rainbow quinoa-black bean tacos.
Lab Lowdown: Although this service doesn’t offer as many vegetarian options as others on the list, our experts point out that the plant-based meals are noteworthy, extremely inventive and all have at least 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein per serving. Testers described the service as “outstanding” and “absolutely delicious.” Although the packaging makes sustainable efforts, the features didn’t compromise insulation. “The food arrived packaged well and I felt secure with its freshness and food safety which is extremely important to me,” one tester said.
Not only is this toddler meal delivery service plant-based, but all of the food is 100% organic and free from the top eight allergens. A hit with our testers, the meals are textured finger food and most are savory. Tiny Organics provides a convenient and practical way to introduce littles to a wide variety of flavor profiles and textures.
How it works: After entering some information about your toddler, Tiny then chooses your meal plan and recipes, and you’ll have the option to switch any suggested meals. If you order during the week, your box is shipped within two to four business days making it great for busy families. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available and come frozen in convenient cups. After thawing them in the fridge, it’s recommended to eat them within three days.
Lab lowdown: Our registered dietitians praised the high-quality ingredients and nutrient profiles. Both parent and toddler testers raved about the service, saying that their littles “absolutely loved” the meals and found them to be “creative and diverse.” One tester said, “I love the concept that you are giving your children 100 new flavors to try,” and another said that they appreciated that the service, “takes the mental pressure away from always thinking about planning the next meal.”
Introducing solids to your infant is equal parts exciting and stressful. Trying to figure out what to introduce when and managing to find the time to prepare homemade baby food can feel overwhelming. Yumi takes the guesswork out of infant feeding, providing guided plant-based meals for babies ages 6 months and up.
How it works: After inputting information about your baby and selecting how many meals you want a day, Yumi creates a curated plan for your little one. You have the option to edit meals and add on snacks and puffs too. Options start with single-ingredient purees and then transition to thicker options with more ingredients, leading up to “pinchable” meals and textured veggie bites.
Lab lowdown: Our registered dietitians appreciate that Yumi is USDA Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers and also certified by the Clean Label Project which means that the blends are all tested for and free from over 400 environmental and industrial toxins. New parents loved how simple the service made feeding transitions as their little one grew and that all of the options are plant-based. “My little dude loved the foods included and the price was a good value for what we got,” a tester said.
At the Good Housekeeping Institute, we test all different types of food products and services. From healthy snacks and supplements to food subscription boxes and meal delivery, our experts are committed to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to quality, performance, flavor, nutrition and more.
In our meal delivery services study, we recruited over 200 at-home testers across the nation along with our in-house experts. We evaluated over 40 different meal delivery services, ranging from traditional kits that come with pre-measured ingredients and a follow-along recipe card to fully prepared options like you’ll see on this list. We tested the services over the course of three months.
We made our selections based on expert evaluation and tester feedback in areas of overall satisfaction, food quality, cost, recycling efforts and availability. Our picks for the best vegetarian meal delivery services provide a wide variety of plant-based meals that offer additional customization for gluten-free, low-carb and more dietary preferences. Although taste is subjective, we chose companies that scored high points overall with testers.
As a result of our testing, we believe the companies spotlighted above deserve recognition for their performance in their categories. That said, this is a fast-growing segment in the food industry and we’re likely to see exciting new entrants emerging in the near future. We are currently and constantly testing new offerings in this category to keep readers up-to-date. If these choices are outside your budget, check out our favorite affordable meal delivery services. For a more comprehensive guide, check out our list of the best meal delivery services.
As a dietitian and working mother, Stefani Sassos is passionate about putting healthy meals on the table for her and her family without having to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Stefani and her family eat exclusively vegan at least twice a week focus on veggie-forward meals the rest of the time. She uses vegetarian meal delivery services herself as a way to change up the family’s normal dinnertime routine and get introduced to new plant-based foods and unique preparation methods. Stefani stays up to date with the current meal delivery landscape and leads category testing efforts for Good Housekeeping.


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